New Ad Placeholders Introduced. Adshares Protocol Update in Decentraland

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New Ad Placeholders Introduced. Adshares Protocol Update in Decentraland

We are thrilled to announce the release of new placeholders for ad banners in Decentraland. Now, the ad banners based on Adshares protocol have frames, so-called "placeholders", in the form of subtle neon lines all around the banner. New placeholders amplify the overall look of the ad banners making them much more appealing and eyes catchy. Landowners can also increase the traffic on their lands by implementing new placeholders and attracting more users. 

How does it differ from the previous version? 

Previously, after adding the Adshares assets to the DCL Builder one had to scale and rotate the banner by dimensions. It was tiresome, manual work. The new update facilitates the upload of the banners on the scene making it quick and responsive. The placeholders are already the ready-to-go units with the appropriate proportions: 1:1, 3:4, 4:3, 9:16, 16:9. The operator has to add and place the banner to the land, without scaling and rotating. The system further selects the appropriate size from the list of sizes on its own and places it in one of the frames. 

Important note: the ads will be still displayed on the old versions of the placeholders. However, new frames simplify the usage of the banners, and Adshares team encourages the landowners to implement the new frames.

Another update is the UI placeholders option, available by implementing via SDK. It's a banner that's automatically displayed in any place on the land. Once the user enters the land the ad will be shown. The user can close the ad five seconds after it popped up. The UI placeholders do not support the video type of adverts.

This is how to implement the new ad banners

 You can easily implement the new placeholders using Decentraland Builder.  
1. Use this link to download the smart items consisting of ready frames with available proportions:

Extract from the zip file 

2. Upload and import the items to Builder 

3. Locate the placeholders on any of the areas on the land (no scaling required)

4. Connect the Adshares wallet to the land – either Adshares native wallet or ADS BSC chain. 

5. Name each of the placements in a unique way (required).

6. Publish the scene with a new placement 

7. Register on web3ads and provide the very same wallet to maintain the ads from the user panel level.  

Use this link to implement the UI placeholders:

UI placement example  

Monetize your land with ADS

By implementing Adshares protocol to your land, you start monetizing your land and earn ADS for displaying the adverts. There are no maintenance cos, it's only a one-time implementation and long-term benefits. 

The Adshares team constantly develops and improves the features of Adshares protocol shaping the web3 advertising ecosystem. Follow us for more tips and updates.