Blockchain solution for AdTech

AdServer is the open-source solution built upon Adshares ecosystem. It combines both DSP and SSP functionalities and may serve any ad type at any place.

Ad server helps you manage the entire scope of your digital marketing efforts in one place.

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Each AdServer is unique yet every one of them can communicate with each other to benefit from decentralized environment - they can exchange traffic and data.
Companies can also build their own apps on the Adshares protocol, without the need for the AdServer.

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AdServer advantages

Adshares AdServers are unique ad servers that connect web2 and web3 worlds and allow monetization of both of them. It is an open-source, well-documented environment. AdServers and each part of the system have the ability to generate revenue and compete for clients.

  • Supports both DSP and SSP side
  • Storing and publishing ads in the network
  • Free choice of analytical data vendor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Open-source software - run your own adserver
  • No entry barriers
  • Instant access to all network placements

Adshares Modules

Various modules have been created and integrated within Adshares protocol. Some of them are being used by AdServers.
All are standardized - the server operator can easily compare the effectiveness of different solutions.


Back-end service for determining the impression context

AdUser accepts requests from AdServer internally. It stores information about the user who views the page, detects if traffic is natural or generated by bots. It also returns data about groups to which the user belongs.

AdUser GitHub


Back-end service for ad selection used by Publishers

Ad selector is based on machine learning. The algorithm works for the publisher and decides which ad to match for a given impression. Revenue optimization is based on incoming micropayments. Thanks to them, advertisers' solvency is detected instantly – it's a low-risk solution.

AdSelect GitHub


Back-end service for valuating events used advertisers

The algorithm works for the advertiser and decides how much to pay for impressions, clicks and conversions. It uses the data provided by AdServer and AdUser.

AdPay GitHub


Provides data about banners and allow Publishers to effectively filter unwanted content

The service classifies banners in the system and provides a list of keywords which allows publishers to efficiently filter banners. It is a system based on trust to the classifier, so there is space is for many players in this field.

AdClassify GitHub

Already Building on Adshares

The first decentralized ad network for website and metaverse programmatic advertisement.

Swash reimagines data ownership, enabling new data economy with ability to earn, access, build and collaborate in a liquid digital ecosystem.

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Use Adshares resources to build a decentralized ad application or build your own modules. Be a part of the growing ecosystem of teams reimagining Advertising World.

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