Adshares Network

Here is a current list of adservers available within Adshares network. All adservers are maintained by independent operators. In order to register as a Publisher or as an Advertiser, please select an adserver based on available statistics and follow instructions. A detailed description is available here.

Data from the last 30 days
Name Users Campaigns Sites Impressions
Adaround 1,442 39 185 28.8m Join
Flyer Square 1,155 33 262 103.3m Join
Decentralized Ads 56 1 3 70.9k Join
Adxmetrika Crypto AdNetwork 36 0 0 24.1k Join
2,689 73 450 132.3m

If you are interested in running your own ad server, please refer to the following article.


Total Impressions