Adshares Network

Here is a current list of adservers available within Adshares network. All adservers are maintained by independent operators. In order to register as a Publisher or as an Advertiser, please select an adserver based on available statistics and follow instructions. A detailed description is available here.

Data from the last 30 days
Name Active users Campaigns Sites Impressions Category
Web3 Ads | Adshares Blockchain Premium 972 18 82 48.9m Private network Join
Adaround 845 20 227 134.9m Blockchain brand awareness Join
Flyer Square 386 15 117 165.0m Mainstream Join
Blockchain-Ads 16 1 0 0 Private network Join
adserver 11 0 1 2 Private network Join
2,230 54 427 348.7m

If you are interested in running your own ad server, please refer to the following article.


Total Impressions