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We help ad tech businesses adopt blockchain technology effortlessly - by sharing our blockchain, protocol, and expertise.

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Digital ad spending

in billions $

More than 500 billion USD will be spent on digital ads in 2022. Adshares blockchain and protocol through its scalability is capable to serve the entire market. Becoming a global standard for advertising like SWIFT for banking system is the long-term goal.

Core Values


We challenge ourselves and our products to be better – we actively seek improvement – and we apply.


Community is what makes future brands thrive – we are propelled by our people, partners, friends, holders and supporters.


We say what we do and we do as we say.

Developed by community

Adshares is not a closed project. Everyone who wants to contribute to a decentralized future of AdTech can create new or improve existing modules.

The transition to the mainstream will happen largely through partnerships with top AdTech companies who seek for innovations. Other companies such as DSP/SSP providers, existing ad networks integrated to the protocol one by one will slowly make Adshares the global standard. The ease of integration will allow for seamless acquisition of new partners that can go live fast.


Companies building on Adshares


Adshares journey

Adshares started its journey in 2016 when the idea of blockchain to serve ad tech emerged.

Adshares blockchain and protocol are up and running with more than three hundred million impressions on a monthly basis across all adservers. We have already started working with a few AdTech companies and we are ready to scale.

  • 2016: Adshares founded
  • 2017: Official Start
  • 2018: Mainnet Launch
  • 2018/2019: Product Development
  • 2021: More apps built on the protocol

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