Adshares Hits Milestone: QuickSwap to Use Its Protocol for All Ads

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Adshares Hits Milestone: QuickSwap to Use Its Protocol for All Ads

QuickSwap and Adshares' Breakthrough Partnership: A Revolution in Crypto Advertising


In an industry that’s defined by rapid advancements and fierce competition, cryptocurrency companies are always seeking the next big opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Today, that opportunity has arrived, courtesy of the ground-breaking partnership between QuickSwap and Adshares.

QuickSwap, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Polygon network, commands an impressive daily active user base of over 600,000 and reaches millions of crypto investors. QuickSwap has recently announced its exclusive deal with Adshares, a decentralized, blockchain-based programmatic protocol that's disrupting the conventional digital advertising space.

For the first time, QuickSwap will serve all its ads exclusively through the Adshares protocol. This integration is a massive testament to the advantages that Adshares offers over traditional programmatic protocols.

For crypto companies, this means an innovative new way to purchase advertisements using cryptocurrencies. For digital advertising and media companies, it’s an unprecedented chance to tap into the extensive and diverse audience of crypto investors and enthusiasts that QuickSwap boasts.

With the crypto market's exponential growth, this partnership sets a new precedent, enabling companies to capitalize on the crypto audience's increasing diversity and size.

The crypto and digital advertising industry should watch this space closely. This partnership isn’t just a change - it's the dawn of a new era in crypto-advertising.