Adshares is a Web3 & metaverse advertising standard. ADS blockchain & protocol designed for AdTech allows advertising in websites, metaverses, games, AR, VR using any media format.

Adshares Blockchain and Protocol is a complete infrastructure for any AdTech company to use to successfully deliver the ads. The ecosystem is constructed in a modular way in a true web3 manner.

Multiple AdTech integrations are required from all market participants to reach new markets and audience. Adshares as a standard for exchanging the value (blockchain layer) and exchanging the information (protocol layer) allows to simplify the process. Every AdTech company can integrate only once to be able to reach exposure to any market in the world.

No single highly scalable standard that would serve any media Solution: Blockchain is ready to easily scale up and process all ad transactions in the world. Protocol is ready to handle any existing and future media – websites, games, mobile apps, metaverses, AR & VR apps, virtual or real world digital billboards etc. Any app that requires transfer of value/information for marketing or advertising activities can be integrated with Adshares.

Adshares introduces a true web3 (decentralized) advertising economy which means that any ad market participant actually owns a piece of all industry through the mechanisms coded inside ADS Blockchain and Protocol.

The long term goal is to become the global standard for web3 advertising serving ads in any media using any format.

Users in web2 ad economy are treated as products, in web3 reality proposed by Adshares they can have real benefits from being a part of the ecosystem. By holding ADS coin they receive liquid staking rewards, and can participate in DAO voting to shape the ecosystem.

Yes, Adshares infrastructure is completely open source meaning that if you wish to use the protocol you can integrate for free, if you can start an AdServer for free. You can be a publisher in any space, website or metaverse and can join one of the AdServers and start monetizing for free.

You can always reach the team by writing directly in Adshares discord channel.


Adshares has developed a proprietary blockchain, designed just for advertising transactions. Adshares blockchain operates using the native ADS coin in which all transactions are settled. ADS blockchain serves as a „railworks system” for all future digital ads Blockchain is ready to easily scale up and process all ad transactions in the world.

ADS coin serves as fuel of the world's advertising economy. All settlements within the ecosystem are done in ADS Coin. People can own a slice of the advertising world by holding the ADS coin. And this world pays back to its stakers.

The blockchain charges 0.1% fee in case of transactions between nodes and 0.05% in case of transactions within the same node.

ADS has its own Blockchain and is also wrapped to ERC-20 / BEP-20 / Polygon / TRC20 Token.

You can wrap ADS coin with the use of ADS wallet (see video tutorial) or you can wrap ADS for use on other blockchain by sending it to reserve address with specially crafted message that contains destination address on another chain. For more details see documentation.

Yes, here is a link to the auditors github:


ADS Blockchain uses a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm for consensus selection of blocks. DPoS has economic and environmental advantages (faster and cheaper; requires less work) to other consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Work. Thanks to this it can facilitate high volumes of small transactions.

You can stake your ADS Coins by simply holding it in your native ADS wallet. On Adshares network, the transaction fee amount is always 1‰ (one per thousand). 80% of this fee goes to staking rewards fund and 20% to node operator. Every 2048 blocks (~ 2 weeks) the staking reward fund is distributed proportionally between all accounts with a positive ADS balance and activity in last 12 months. Simple as that.

Adshares dPoS blockchain has proven capable of holding the entire programmatic industry’s advertising settlements. It can do more than 1,400,000 transfers/sec

There is a small inactivity fee after 2 years to encourage regular checking of key backups and prevent permanent loss of coins. The inactivity fee is 1 promile every 2048 blocks. Funds from the account go into a staking rewards fund. Thanks to this mechanism, uninterrupted network activity is ensured. This only applies to native ADS blockchain. Wrapped ADS Tokens do not participate in staking nor inactivity fee.


Adshares Wallet is an easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Adshares blockchain. Adshares wallet provides integration with internal and external services connected to Adshares network. It is a convenient, free, open-source client-side tool.

You can install the extension directly from Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons or build it by yourself.

ADS Wallet can be used by three types of users:

  1. Those who don't have an account and a key - i.e. new users
  2. Those who already have an account and a key that is not based on a seed phrase
  3. Those who already have a key based on a seed phrase

After installing the wallet, depending on whether you already have a seed phrase, you can either create a new vault or recover the one you already have. Check the instruction here

In order to transfer funds you just need to hit "Send Transaction" button in the main panel, provide the ID of the account you want to transfer your ADS to and enter the amount. Optionally you can write a message in hexadecimal format (0–9; A-F; up to 64 characters) or alternatively a regular text (up to 32 characters). This might be needed in case of transfer to one of AdServers account.

To import your private key, you need to access the menu from the main panel, then go into Settings. Next, you simply hit "Manage keys" and "Import new key".

In case you are one of the users who already have a seed phrase, you have to begin with clicking "Restore the vault from a seed" button. The next step requires entering your seed phrase and setting a password. Once you are done, you have to import your account. The procedure is the same for users who have a seed phrase as well as for the ones who don't.

Please see API Documentation to see how use ADS wallet with API


The layer of protocol in Adshares ecosystem is used to exchange information. Together with blockchain for exchanging the value, it places Adshares as a standard for sharing new web3 advertising economy.

ADS Protocol can be used to integrate any of your AdTech solutions and reach new audience and opportunities for your business. If you are a DSP/SSP you can share your traffic and transact with other DSP/SSPs on a single communication layer. Whether you are a game, metaverse, mobile app or website – you can use SDK to integrate your business and provide monetization that might be an extra revenue streams or provide monetization to your users. Above all – you can build any other business upon the protocol layer that might utilize the ad microtransactions whether it’s the marketplace for influencers, data vendor about ads or users or any other solution that enriches the ecosystem.

Adshares ecosystem is a modular solution because the protocol layer is ready for any ad sector participant.

You can be a publisher, advertiser, agency, AdTech company, or even a metaverse creator. Any company which deals with AdTech can build on Adshares or integrate with already existing solutions created on Adshares protocol.

Protocol is ready to handle any existing and future media – websites, games, mobile apps, metaverses, AR & VR apps, virtual or real world digital billboards etc. Any app that requires transfer of value/information for marketing or advertising activities can be integrated with Adshares.

AdPay is a back-end service for valuating events. The algorithm works for the advertiser and decides what and how much to pay (impressions, clicks, conversions). It uses data provided by AdServer and AdUser. It is a standardized protocol - the server operator can easily compare the effectiveness of different solutions.

AdSelect is a back-end service for ad selection. Ad selector is based on machine learning. The algorithm works for the publisher and decides which ad to match for a given impression and place on the page. It also optimizes revenue - learns from incoming payments. Thanks to micropayments, it knows advertisers' solvency after a single click - low risk. It is a standardized protocol - the server operator can easily compare the effectiveness of different solutions.

AdClassify provides data about banners and allow Publishers to effectively filter unwanted content. It accepts requests from AdServer. Algorithm classifies banners in the systemand provides a list of keywords which allows publishers to efficiently filter banners.It is a system based on trust to the classifier, so there is place is for many players in this field.

AdUser is a back-end service for determining impression context. It accepts requests from AdServer internally. It stores information about the user who views the page, detects if traffic is natural or generated by bots. It also returns data about groups to which the user belongs.


AdServer is an open source software that can be run by any participant in Adshares ecosystem to handle their own publishing inventory. Adserver is connected to other microservices handling various functions required for the protocol operations like: ad classification provider, ad selection algorithms and so on. Metaverse, web3 apps and games can run own instance of adserver or can use hosted one.

Please follow instructions found here

Advertisements can be integrated into any kind of Metaverse asset. It can bring a new utility to the parcels which thanks to Adshares ecosystem (blockchain, protocol, publishers and advertisers) can be easily monetized. What is more, Coin allows Metaverse creators to add extra utility to the project’s native token. Payouts from ads can be distributed in a native project token which is causing instant and constant demand for the project tokens.