Open source protocol & SDK (coming soon)

Adshares SDK allows seamless integration with the ecosystem. Build multiple apps that use digital ads:

  • Ad server / ad networks
  • Metaverses, games, AR/VR
  • Marketplaces for Influencers
  • Web3 Analytics & AdTech data science
  • Browser apps, plugins

Use Adshares SDK as
AdTech or MarTech
Ad Data Vendor
Game or Studio
Ad network

Build your own ad server with Adshares open-source ecosystem. Create new modules or upgrade already existing ones. Get access to a new audience.
Transit/transform to web3 and get full control over digital advertising. Increase your revenue by setting up ad server inside the Adshares network. Gain access to a new userbase of Advertisers and Publishers from a decentralized network of AdServers.
Become web3 data pioneer. Create and monetize technology for web3 advertisers that delivers and tracks ads independently of the place where the ad is being displayed.
Increase your revenue and add new utility to your Metaverse or AR/VR app. 3D experience creates new opportunities for advertising. Utilize Adshares technology to provide a new way of advertising to users.
Open new media channel. Plug in new generation of ads directly into your game. Gain access to new and sustainable revenue streams by displaying ads in the game. Connect with all possible advertisers across all adservers which exist in decentralized network of Adshares.
Build your ad network by using SDK for free. Integrate once and utilize all components build on Adshares network forever. Connect to other ad networks through Adshares protocol to increase your audience.

Cross Chain Ecosystem

Adshares operates on a native chain and on its cross-chain bridges. Apps from different ecosystems can also benefit from the Adshares network.

Real-time ad settlements that are processed through ADS Blockchain can be automatically exchanged to wrapped ADS.