Expanding our network with TradingView

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Expanding our network with TradingView

ADSHARES, the world’s leading provider of web3 ad network solutions has announced a collaboration with TradingView, the world’s #1 site for all things investing.

With over 200 million monthly visits and 50 million engaged users, TradingView opens up another significant and valuable audience to be reached through the Adshares’ network.

Adshares enables brands, media agencies and advertising planners to integrate TradingView into  their media campaigns, offering unprecedented reach and exposure to this discerning audience.

“We are very proud to add TradingView to our affiliate media partners. Advertising on TradingView is a profitable move for brands and ADSHARES makes it easier and more efficient to reach them.” - said Krzysztof Bochenek, CEO, Adshares.

TradingView’s user base consists of traders and investors actively seeking financial opportunities, providing a prime target audience for financial products and services.. Moreover, TradingView's social features enable brands to establish trust and credibility within the financial community by offering valuable content and educational resources.

Advertising on TradingView is a profitable choice for brands not only in the Financial sector, but also from Technology and Software, Real Estate, Consumer Goods and Retail, Education and Training, or Travel and Leisure.

For details, and bespoke offers, contact our sales department: [email protected]