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$ADS - fuel of the world advertising economy

Adshares ecosystem powers a new advertising paradigm with the $ADS coin as its driving force. Own a slice of the advertising world by holding ADS.

ERC20 0xcfcecfe2bd2fed07a9145222e8a7ad9cf1ccd22a
BEP20 0xcfcecfe2bd2fed07a9145222e8a7ad9cf1ccd22a
Polygon 0x598e49f01bEfeB1753737934a5b11fea9119C796

Designed for AdTech

ADS Blockchain is tailor-made to serve AdTech. It's capable to process all ad transactions in the world. It's impossible to use other chains for digital ads because of massive energy consumption and slow transaction process.

Bitcoin Ethereum Adshares
Transactions per second 3+ TPS 15+ TPS 1.4M+ TPS
Average fee $1.44USD $0,4USD $0.065USD
consensus PoW PoS dPoS
Energy consumption per transaction 1400+ kWH 0.03
0.00002 kWH

ADS Utilities

Explore the ecosystem

Chain fees

Adshares native blockchain charges fees in ADS coin

Pay with ADS

ADS is used for all ad payments in the network.

Collect ADS

ADS holders receive a part of network fees.


1% of ad turnover is sent to a burner address

How to stake ADS

Part of all transaction fees goes to liquid staking rewards. Hold ADS on a native wallet to receive it. ADS Wallet is a private & secure browser extension. Read more.

Install for Chrome and Firefox .

Download Wallet
1 Download ADS Wallet App
2 Create a new wallet
3 Get $ADS and stake

Get ADS on a favourite exchange




  • Early Adopters 5%
  • Team & Advisors 15%
  • Ecosystem Fund 10%
  • Strategic Treasury 15%
  • Staking Rewards 5%
  • Business Dev 10%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Private Sale Allocation 5%
  • Partnership 5%
  • Liquidity 10%

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