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Blockchain and protocol built with ad tech in mind

Adshares ecosystem helps AdTech to adapt to blockchain with minimum effort. Over $500B advertising market waiting to be transformed.

Powering worldwide ads

Adshares is the open-source solution based on simplifying. Scaled to serve all ad microtransactions in the world. 1,4 million transfers per second makes it the lightest, fastest & greenest solution.
A web3 ecosystem infrastructure for all digital advertising. Integrate once. Save forever.

Serve any ad, anywhere

Adshares is the any-media-ready advertising standard designed to evolve. It allows programmatic ads across Metaverse, games, mobile apps, AR/VR, and websites. Enabling cross-verse ad campaigns and monetization of any digital space.

Developer-friendly, open-source SDK

Adshares SDK allows seamless integration with the ecosystem. Connecting multiple apps that use digital ads:

  • Ad servers / ad networks
  • Metaverses, games, AR/VR
  • Marketplaces for Influencers
  • Web3 Analytics & AdTech data analytics
  • Browser apps, plugins

Rebuild trust in the ad industry

Applying blockchain ensures trust - advertisers get instant insight into their ad transactions, publishers get paid directly and fairly, consumers' privacy is protected, and fraud and bad actors are removed.

  • Eliminate fraud
  • Enhance data sharing
  • Eliminate false display
  • Eliminate middlemen
  • Transparent fees

Get involved in the world's advertising economy

In a decentralized system - everyone can own a slice of the advertising world by holding the ADS coin. Part of all transaction fees goes to liquid staking rewards. Hodl ADS in a native wallet and watch it grow.

Shape it together

World Advertising Economy powered by DAO.
Have your say in the evolution of AdTech into web3.

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