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One protocol to integrate them all

The layer of protocol in Adshares ecosystem is used to exchange information. Together with blockchain for exchanging the value, it places Adshares as a standard for sharing new web3 advertising economy.

Adshares allows to simplify the process of getting new audience. Every AdTech company by single integration is able to reach exposure to any market in the world.

Bringing web3 to advertising

Partner with Adshares to build new web3 standards. You can be a publisher, advertiser, agency, AdTech company, or a metaverse creator.

It is a backbone of a new web3 advertising world which enables the ad tech industry to adopt blockchain with minimum effort.

One integration - any media

The protocol is ready to handle any existing and future media – websites, games, mobile apps, metaverses, AR & VR apps, virtual or real-world digital billboards. Any app that requires transfer of value/information for marketing or advertising activities can be integrated with Adshares.


$500B market to claim

More than 500 billion USD will be spent on digital ads in 2022. The Adshares blockchain and protocol, through its scalability, is capable to serve the entire market. Becoming a global standard for advertising like SWIFT for the banking system is the long-term goal.

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Transform the ad economy

Claim a piece of a $500B market

Enable web3 for AdTech

Ways to monetize the protocol

Adshares is built in a modular way. Build your own component and monetize it.


Commission on ads settlements collected from the publisher and advertiser

AdPay, AdSelect

Algorithms decide on ad matching to an impression and payment amount


Commission on ads classification. Bot must trust the same classifiers


Commision on determining the impression contect and enabling the targeting

Less intermediaries equals less fees

Adshares Protocol allows for direct deals between all advertising market participants. The number of intermediaries involved in the process is decreased to a minimum.

Any participant in the ad market owns a piece of the whole industry through the mechanisms coded inside the ADS Blockchain and Protocol. Advertisers and publishers have control over the ads and content that is served.

Users on the other hand, in web3 reality proposed by Adshares, can have real benefits from being a part of the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Features

Adshares set out on mission to improve the ad industry. Not some part, but all of it. The way ads are bought, sold, served and governed.

  • Privacy
  • Modular Architecture
  • Open-source
  • Decentralization
  • Less Intermediaries
  • Direct Payments
Advertiser AdPay AdSelect Demand AdServer AdClassify AdUser User Supply AdServer Publisher Marketing Budget Pay for Audience Selection Classify Ads Gather Context Revenue from Displaying Ads Share Profit with Data Owner Pay for Ads Selection





AdClassify provides data about banners and allow Publishers to effectively filter unwanted content. It accepts requests from the AdServer. The algorithm classifies banners in the system and provides a list of keywords which allows publishers to efficiently filter banners. It is a system based on trust in the classifier, so there is space for many players in this field.

AdUser is a back-end service for determining impression context. It accepts requests from AdServer internally. It stores information about the user who views the page and detects if traffic is natural or bot-generated. It also returns data about segments to which the user belongs.

AdSelect is a back-end service for ad selection. Ad selector is based on machine learning. The algorithm works for the publisher and decides which ad to match for a given impression and place on the page. It also optimizes revenue - learns from incoming payments. Thanks to micropayments, it knows advertisers' solvency after a single click - low risk. It is a standardized protocol - the server operator can easily compare the effectiveness of different solutions.

AdPay is a back-end service for evaluating events. The algorithm works for the advertiser and decides what and how much to pay (impressions, clicks, conversions). It uses data provided by AdServer and AdUser. It is a standardized protocol - the server operator can easily compare the effectiveness of different solutions.

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