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Adshares – a three-layer complete sandbox for your web3 transition

Adservers and Apps

Built on Adshares. Allow interaction between Publishers and Advertisers. Creating a new web3 advertising economy.

Adshares Blockchain

Capable of handling all ads settlements in ADS coin between Publishers and Advertisers in the digital world. Ultra light and fast.

Adshares Protocol

Enables the ad tech industry to adopt blockchain with minimum effort. The backbone of a new web3 advertising world.


ADS Blockchain - SWIFT for ads

The Adshares dPoS blockchain layer is used to transfer value between advertisers and publishers. It enables direct one-to-one and one-to-many transfers. With 1,4 million transfers per second, Adshares is capable of holding the entire advertising industry’s settlements.

There's plenty of benefits that comes from holding ADS coin. Take part in a true web3 advertising economy and have impact on the DAO governed ad industry.

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ADS Protocol

The open-source protocol layer is used to transfer information about ad events across all networks: demand, requests, supply, and bidding.
Adshares protocol delivers advertising in any format, into any placement (Metaverse, DOOH, DPOS, display, native, social). It revolutionizes campaign planning, as it allows serving multiple formats from one place.


Built on Adshares

Cookie3 is “Google Analytics” for the Metaverse & Web3, translating on-chain data into behavioral profiles of individuals. It will allow targeting ads in the metaverse with laser precision.

The first decentralized ad network for website and metaverse programmatic advertising.

Swash is reimagining data ownership, enabling all actors of the data economy to earn, access, build and collaborate in a liquid digital ecosystem for data.

World of decentralized ad servers

AdServer is the open-source solution built on and working as the interface with the Adshares ecosystem.
Tens of thousands of decentralized ad networks can exchange traffic, share opportunities with mutual benefits. Any AdTech with  own DSP/SSP solution can integrate and gain the same benefits.

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Each AdServer is unique yet all of them can communicate to benefit from a decentralized environment – they can exchange traffic and data. Companies can also build their own apps on the Adshares protocol, without the need for an AdServer.

Metaverse advertising standard

Advertising in the Metaverse is a must for any brand or project looking to position itself as a trendsetter while attracting high-quality audience.
Adshares is the first metaverse-ready advertising protocol. It allows plot owners, land developers, and metaverse games to monetize their advertising space.

Secentraland Cryptovoxels Sandbox Live Music

Any type of ad on one protocol

Imagine every advertising placement in real life, on the web, and in the metaverse. Static, video or a 3D model. Every ad in all of the virtual worlds – served seamlessly, managed from one dashboard – and automatically paid for.






Build your business upon Adshares

Create multiple types of apps that use digital ads or monetization of any marketing activity:

  • Ad server / adnetworks
  • Metaverses, games, AR/VR
  • Marketplaces for Influencers
  • Web3 Analytics & AdTech data science
  • Browser apps, plugins
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