ADST to ADS conversion is now live on Uniswap!

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ADST to ADS conversion is now live on Uniswap!

Following our latest announcements regarding our new strategy and corresponding roadmap, as well as the launch of our multi-chain strategy, some participants of Adshares ICO got back to us recently asking how to convert ADST to ADS.

What a dilemma to have to inform them that it’s long over! Indeed, the ADST conversion is over since June 30, 2019.

At that time (2019), the conversion process was technically complex and decentralized finance was not yet a reality.

Today is a different time and now, Adshares (ADS) is Multi-chain. And this transforms everything!

Being on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum offers not only an easy way to buy and sell ADS on Pancakeswap or on Uniswap but also let us imagine a lot of new perspectives.

One of them, and not the least, consists in having now a simple way to manage this dilemma and offering the possibility for our early holders/investors to join the journey again.

Hey, ICO participants! We will not leave you on the sidelines!

We value early investors

Early investors are early supporters. They decided to believe in the project and invested their money based on a white paper.

They decided to join the journey and contributed to bring Adshares to reality. The result of this belief is that Adshares is now more ambitious than ever and with a working product.

We have had many discussions with some of them and also internally.For us, the situation was obvious: we couldn’t imagine not being able to find a solution.

Hopefully, we’ve got a way to solve this!

ADST to ADS on Uniswap

Since Adshares is wrapped to Ethereum ERC-20, it is easy to technically convert ADST to ADS. Creating a dedicated Uniswap pair is the best solution for several reasons. From the holder’s perspective, it is very easy to convert. From a technical’s one, ADS tokens were already added to the liquidity pool.

There was nothing left to do but to do it!

And now, it’s ready!

In a simple way, you can right now convert your ADST to ADS in just a few clicks here:


New horizons for Adshares

We do trust that this way of acting will reinforce the conviction of our investors and commit them to continue to support us and to believe and participate in our project.

More happy investors means more holders, a stronger community and offers more opportunities, for sure!

Be a part of Adshares journey!

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