Active nodes

Blockchain designed for AdTech

The layer of blockchain in Adshares ecosystem is used to transfer value. Capable of handling all ads settlements in ADS coin between Publishers and Advertisers in the digital world. Ultra light and fast.
The ADS Blockchain is dPoS to reduce network maintenance costs. It can facilitate high volumes of small transactions.


The blockchain is highly scalable, designed to serve all current and future needs. Small account and transaction identifiers, reduced transaction set and parallel processing of transactions to facilitate high transaction volumes.

ADS Blockexplorer ADS Wallet
  • 100k+ TPS one-one transfers
  • 1M+ one-many transfers

What makes ADS Blockchain sustainable?


are heavily penalized for double spending so most transactions can be trusted almost instantly


of all accounts is part of the block, enabling instant synchronization with blockchain

Liquid staking

rewards to account holders and node managers to support the growth of the ADS ecosystem

ADS Coin and Wrapped ADS

ADS exists on multiple blockchains as wrapped tokens. ADS coins wrapped to other chains are removed from circulation and held in reserve address. The balance of reserve address at all times will be greater or equal to the number of coins issued on another chain.

ERC20 0xcfcecfe2bd2fed07a9145222e8a7ad9cf1ccd22a
BEP20 0xcfcecfe2bd2fed07a9145222e8a7ad9cf1ccd22a
Polygon 0x598e49f01bEfeB1753737934a5b11fea9119C796

for Metaverse tokens

Wrapped ADS Coin allows Metaverse creators to add extra utility to the project’s native token. Payouts from ads can be distributed in a native project token which is causing instant and constant demand for the project tokens.

Advertisers pay for ad campaign in one of the AdServer apps
Ads are displayed in the Metaverse
Payouts are paid in ADS
ADS are swapped to native project token through a DEX
Metaverse user receives project token as reward

ADS Wallet

ADS Wallet is a secure vault for Adshares, designed to store keys and provide transaction signing. It can also be used to create or import accounts and send basic transactions.
ADS wallet provides integration with internal and external services connected to the Adshares network. It is a completely free, open-source client-side tool.

ADS Wallet

Network fees

the transaction fee is 1‰
(one per mille) of which:


Goes to node operator account


is burned

When transaction is made
internally in one node, the fee is

2 times

$ADS coin serves as stake in the protocol and payment mechanism

The fees charged by the network are burned

All settlements in the ecosystem are done using ADS Coin

By owning Adshares coin people own a part of a global, decentralized grid of ad networks

1% of ad turnover of every AdServer is also burned. Burning reduces the free floating supply in 2048 blocks cycles.

Liquid staking rewards bring back the burned ADS flowing them from active users to long term holders every 2048 blocks (~2 weeks).

Utility flow of ADS

Total supply of ADS is 38 758 203 and there is no possibility to mint more



Adshares is planning to create and release DAO near Q4 2022. It is the next step on the road to truly decentralize the advertising market.

  • DAO decides about blockchain development
  • DAO governs the quality of ads
  • Special NFT perks