ADSHARES protocol becomes DAO. The first voting has been launched.

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ADSHARES protocol becomes DAO. The first voting has been launched.

The time has come — the Adshares protocol is becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization – and community members may now co-create the truly decentralized protocol! The ADS coin is the potential digital advertising currency. But from now on – it's also a way to help shape the world of digital advertising. The establishment of DAO enables everyone – Advertisers, Publishers, and Consumers may put forward proposals that will help shape digital advertising policies, and solutions. The “Adshares Improvement Proposal” (or AIP for short) is the means by which users submit their ideas, solutions or regulations to be voted and implemented by the community. 

First AIP goes live on Friday - vote in the Adshares DAO!

The “Adshares Improvement Proposal #1” (or AIP-1) was to establish the DAO for the protocol. The voting was unanimous, which means that our users are ready to shape the protocol together. After a successful initial forum voting, we are pleased to announce that the establishment of DAO was approved, and now we can proceed with on-chain voting. 
Voting commenced this Friday (2022/11/25) at 9:00 UTC Time (10:00 GMT+1) and will last for about 6 days (1024 blocks). 
Members will be able to learn all the details and vote on the DAO page. Voting takes place using the ADS coins stored on the native wallet. Before voting, a snapshot of all balances will be taken to calculate everyone’s voting power.  
To be eligible for voting, you should connect your ADS wallet to the voting app (it will be possible once the voting process starts).

Three voting options will be available: “In Favor”, “Against” and “Abstain”

More information about the voting can be found in the DAO docs
We encourage every ADS holder to vote. Each vote will show how strong and decentralized the Adshares community is. Remember that you can't change your vote. Voting refreshes every 10 minutes on average, so when you cast your vote for a while it may not show up on the scoreboard.

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About the Adshares DAO

Adshares DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is run by holders of the Adshares coin.  
The Adshares’ goal is to become the default blockchain infrastructure for the ad-tech industry, and the Metaverse advertising standard. 
And since the web3 advertising industry demands decentralized solutions and puts more power and ownership into the people’s hands – so should a solution which aims to win all parties’ trust: the advertisers, the publishers, the creators, as well as consumers.  
Moving digital advertising into a web3 ecosystem will not be an easy thing to do and it will require a collaborative mindset and shared effort. And you’re all invited. 
With more and more users joining the ecosystem, there will be a growing need for a body to govern the blockchain and the protocol – a decentralized organization, run by the holders. 
Our goal is to create a proper kind of community - one that promotes intercultural understanding and exchange, creates trust between members who are strangers, guarantees full transparency,  enables an open, merit-based discussion, and ensures that every member adheres to the standards.

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