Ever-evolving community, For an evolving AdTech world

Adshares DAO is an initiative that grants voting rights to 8,400 ADS holders.

Its purpose is to govern the product and the direction of its development with the use of ADS Coin.

How it works

Fundamentally, Adshares DAO is governed by its members. Anyone who holds enough ADS can create a proposal.

As a result, significant changes to Adshares DAO should be approved by the entire community through a process called "Adshares Improvement Proposal" (AIP).

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  • 1
    Submit AIP to forum for initial discussion.
  • 2
    Launch a voting on Adshares DAO App after getting community approval.
  • 3
    AIP is implemented after meeting required voting condition

Governance Apps

Share your thoughts and help shape the future of Adshares.


Discord is where the initial ideas and discussion happens.
AIP ideas can start on the Adshares Discord, Telegram, live meetings, or somewhere else in the community.

Discord Community

Governance Forum

Share ideas, express an opinion, and help the Adshares community shape the project’s future.
AIP can be submitted to the Governance Forum. Forum is a place for initial discussion about Adshares DAO and all improvement proposals.

Visit forum

Voting Platform

Voting occurs on-chain on the Adshares DAO Voting Platform. Since Adshares has its own blockchain, voting occurs with the use of Adshares native wallet and Adshares Coin.


Adshares DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) run by holders of the Adshares coin (ADS).

With more people and companies joining the Adshares ecosystem our goal is to build a totally decentralized AdTech infrastructure governed by DAO. That is why projects and people need a place to discuss and decide about Adshares future. All of this done in a decentralized manner with on-chain voting.

There are several ways of participating in Adshares DAO:

  1. You can discuss and submit ideas related to Adshares and its DAO on a forum: https://forum.adshares.net/
  2. If you hold ADS on native blockchain you can vote on upcoming DAO proposals.

First voting will occur on-chain, with the use of Adshares native wallet and MVP version of the platform presented on Adshares DAO main page.

You can only vote if you hold ADS Coins on native blockchain. You can unwrap your ADS tokens (Ethereum, Binance Chain) with the use of official unwrap site. For Polygon tokens you can use official Polygon bridge to swap them to ERC-20 tokens.

Anyone can submit draft of the proposal on DAO Forum. To put a final proposal to a vote you need to have at least 100 ADS on your wallet. Submiting proposal is free, you only need to hold appropriate balance.

Each ADS Coin you hold is equal to 1 vote. Snapshot of your balance (voting power) is taken every 2048 blocks (about 12 days), when staking rewards for current cycle starts to be distributed.

At first you need to submit a proposal on Adshares forum where you should follow the guideliness from AIP Template.

If your proposal aligns with the template and collects 30 initial forum votes it will be queed for on-chain voting. Final version of the Adshares DAO App will be released in Q1 2023 and then all pending votings will take place.

Adshares DAO will have its own fund, details about it will be announced in Q1 2023.

  •        16.11:2022: AIP-1 published on forum, feedback time
  •        25.11.2022: AIP-1 voting launch date (exact time will be provided on Adshares official channels). 
  •        29/39.11.2022: AIP-1 voting end date (depends on the start date)
  •        Q1 2023 – next DAO proposals, first community proposals