Living proof of how future programmatic ad networks may work

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Living proof of how future programmatic ad networks may work

QuickSwap and Adshares just announced a historical partnership: all ads served on Quickswap.Exchange will be served programmatically, using a decentralized ad protocol from

The Tesla Roadster of Decentralized Ad Networks is Here!

The integration of Adshares and QuickSwap is a living proof of how future programmatic ads may work - just like the Roadster was a living proof of how electric cars could work.


Despite everything that has been said and written in the space – decentralization of advertising has been a hypothesis. 

A truly decentralized advertising network was a hypothesis.

And the impact of using a blockchain technology to integrate this ecosystem was a hypothesis.

A truly programmatic network without cookies and constant user tracking was a hypothesis.


As of today – this is all a very real thing.

  1. All of the ads served on Quickswap come from the Adshares programmatic Real Time Settlement protocol
  2. All of those ads are served from a decentralized ad server
  3. The settlement protocol works directly on the Adshares blockchain
  4. All ad transactions (payments) are performed in real-time, using the underlying Adshares blockchain

Why is this so important? Because this is the first time we can see the usage of blockchain throughout the programmatic value chain: from the Advertiser straight to the Publisher, over a decentralized, fraud-, cookie- and censorship-free protocol.

Advertisers and Publishers may even use the same ad server – just the opposite ends of it:

  1. DSP. Advertisers can manage multiple ad campaigns, with multiple formats and targeting, along with their budgets, and detailed per-campaign reports.
  2. SSP. Publishers* can manage their advertising placements inventory, accept or reject specific ads, and see ad effectiveness reports.
  3. Ad Exchange – the Adshares protocol ensures instant matching of Ads and Placements, and then an instant monetization after an ad has been displayed.

 QuickSwap's exclusive deal with Adshares is seen as a strategic move that will mutually benefit both parties and their users. By leveraging Adshares' decentralization, transparency, and cost-effectiveness, QuickSwap aims to enhance user engagement and drive further growth in the evolving crypto marketplace.

If you want to know more about how to create your own decentralized ad network, how ADSHARES can help your existing solution, or want to book a campaign on Quickswap - just contact us!