Proving it works: Adshares develops web3 ad services

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Proving it works: Adshares develops web3 ad services

Innovations walk a crooked path. Even if you discover a whole new kind of fuel – it’s not enough. You need to build an engine using this fuel. And then a prototype. And it better be well-designed. Then you need to build a factory and prove to the people, that your fuel actually works. Then, and only then, can you start thinking about sending your car into space for retirement among the stars.

And ADSHARES follows a similar pattern. Converting digital advertising to the blockchain is a lot like converting fossil fuels to fuel cells.

As if building the lightest and most efficient blockchain and currency for digital advertising transactions was not enough, ADSHARES had to create a bidding protocol, tied directly to the blockchain. As if creating a whole bidding protocol, operating using this blockchain was not enough, the company spent years developing its Publisher network. As if spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing a web3-based ad network wasn’t enough, ADSHARES created their own web3-ready ad server. As if programming and creating their own ad servers was not enough, the company needed an in-house creative department and graphic studio. In other words, they had to create their own ad agency, to actually prove that everything works under the hood. It’s called WEB3ADS.

web3ads activity

The system is starting to prove itself, as more and more clients come on board. After a successful self-promo event that took place during the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023, WEB3ADS created a Decentraland HQ, created an event and conducted an activation for wearable creators – with winners going home with 200 MANA prize – enough to get their collection minted.

The agency also created the new virtual headquarters for – the agency’s long-standing partner, who helped create the “Not a cookiephygital collection last year. This year – the roles switched, and WEB3ADS delivered a complete online experience, with live video streaming, Scene deployment and live management.

Another client worth mentioning is YouHodler – a multi-currency trading platform for casual investors, offering a crypto-fiat exchange, and crypto loans. The platform sought to increase its brand recognition, and went for a simple outdoor campaign, investing some 2000 dollars. Results? The campaign reached 285 thousand unique Decentraland users. 

One of the first signs of how true Metaverse advertising will work is the possibility of advertising experiences in one world – in another one. Cyber Syndicate – a voxel art project leveraging the SANDBOX land and game mechanics. The company ran a Decentraland-wide ad campaign, promoting a Sandbox game in Decentraland 

The agency is not taking its foot off the gas and prepares for the first cross-world campaign and activation for a major brand, involving multiple Scenes, and a cross-world ad campaign, combining social and web3. 

“On one hand – it’s a challenge to run all these operations at once, but clients want results and help in reaching the web3 audience”, said Krzysztof Bochenek, ADSHARES’ CEO. “But on the other hand – by creating and improving the protocol ourselves, we have created synergy within our ecosystem, where the sum is more than the sum of its parts. 

Improving advertising synergy 

And, as you might expect, there are synergies: WEB3ADS is a bridge for new companies to get familiar with how a blockchain protocol works, while ADSHARES is building the future vision of a more transparent and fair advertising market. 

Campaigns we create as WEB3ADS, help us discover new challenges, bugs and shortcomings of the protocol. New creative ideas uncover the need for new features. New partnerships and services (like the Boson protocol) enable us to create a more streamlined buying experience. Partnering with a DEX or a web aggregator enables us to propose more advertising placements. Any developments in the protocol and blockchain directly influence the agency’s offer and capabilities.

And there are quite a few already, including:

  • Precise, web3 wallet targeting 
  • New advertising formats, utilizing the power of web3 and NFTs 
  • New tools for data collection, such as event attendance or ad views 
  • Integration of ADSHARES protocol with the Open RTB 

ADSHARES, due to its substantial partner network, is supporting client acquisition, where partnerships are not feasible, due to roadmap or technical constraints. 

“What we’re doing right now is creating a sandbox, where any creative agency, media agency or marketing department can easily experiment with the complete suite of products and technologies”, added Jacek Studzinski, ADSHARES’ Communications Officer and an ad strategist with 23 years under his belt, “now we’re just anxiously waiting for the ad industry to take notice”.