Healthcare Metaverse Aimedis Avalon Partners with Adshares for Advertising Solutions

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Healthcare Metaverse Aimedis Avalon Partners with Adshares for Advertising Solutions

Aimedis, the creators of the world’s largest and most advanced healthcare metaverse, Avalon, selected Adshares as the provider of advertising solutions.

Together, we will collaborate to create ad campaigns within Aimedis Avalon, providing tailored ad solutions to individual patient health needs and delivering real value to users.

Adshares and Aimedis will collaborate to create a customized advertising network within Aimedis Avalon, enabling healthcare brands to reach users with relevant advertising, tailored to individual patient health needs, providing real value to all parties.

Through the partnership, Aimedis Avalon users will receive advertising offers tailored to their individual health needs, helping to ensure optimal patient care 

The partnership enables Adshares to prove both scalability and customizability of the protocol 

Custom ad networks are already being built on Adshares. Swash, Metaverse Architects, Precision X are already up and running, offering innovative advertising solutions. Adshares ad servers already serve billions of ads to Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, PolkaCity as well as many websites, aggregators and DEXes.

The integration of Adshares' advertising protocol within the Aimedis Avalon platform is the perfect example of how different Metaverses, even within specific industries, can leverage Adshares' advertising solutions to deliver personalized advertising to users. This demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of Adshares' blockchain-based advertising solutions, which can be integrated into a wide range of platforms and environments to deliver real value to users 

Avalon is a complete healthcare economy on the blockchain and inside the metaverse.

It is a blockchain-based metaverse, working on the Polygon chain, and built in Unreal Engine5 with RTX support. It is fully connected to other metaverses, while being a medical Class product with GDPR & HIPAA compliance.

Aimedia Avalon is an innovative platform that combines virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to deliver personalized healthcare services to patients. The platform creates an immersive and engaging experience for patients, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction. Through the integration of Adshares' blockchain-based advertising solutions, Aimedia Avalon will be able to provide users with personalized and relevant ads that enhance their overall experience.

Together, we will bring a new level of innovation to the healthcare industry, enhancing the quality of patient care and providing a truly personalized advertising experience for Aimedis Avalon users.

The partnership between Adshares and Aimedis is a significant step forward for the healthcare industry, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation in driving change and delivering real value to users. We are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative and look forward to working with Aimedis to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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