ADSHARES - The Grand Relaunch. The Metaverse advertising standard gets a new look

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ADSHARES - The Grand Relaunch. The Metaverse advertising standard gets a new look

Adshares (ADS) redefines its communication.

What was meant to be a slight retouch of the existing identity — ended up being a complete redesign and relaunch of the brand.

It started with changing the brand’s positioning. Since its ICO in 2017, Adshares became a top player in the crypto space. The company reached the top 300 and became a leader in Metaverse programmatic advertising with the largest automated network in Decentraland.

It has a significant following among crypto investors, traders and experts.

However, for the company’s desired clients, “crypto”, “web3” and “metaverse” are still new and confusing concepts.

To reach a much wider audience of ad tech and media professionals — and to be able to advertise at all — the company decided to go from being “a crypto project” to a “blockchain infrastructure for advertising”.

This change is reflected in the new website design — brave, even revolutionary, and totally different from the majority of “crypto” websites. It aims to show the infinite scalability of the Adshares protocol — which extends from Metaverse worlds, through websites, games, and mobile apps, to digital out-of-home and point-of-sale screens. “We are the standard for all digital advertising, based on blockchain — and we wanted to show it” — said Krzysztof Bochenek, the company’s CEO.

Adshares also expands its social media presence — in addition to its Telegram, Twitter, Decentraland, and Discord activities — the company launched an Instagram profile and communicates more intensely on LinkedIn.

“This starts a new chapter — of highly consistent, strategic communication of our brand” — commented Jacek Studziński, Adshares’ head of communication.

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