Adshares partners up with Subme to provide an ad tech ecosystem for startups

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Adshares partners up with Subme to provide an ad tech ecosystem for startups

The new cooperation is driven by the idea of improving the startup seed investments from financing to marketing stages.

Finding the right place for seed funding is a crucial task for a startup. It determines the future development trajectory. Not only does the sum of funds raised count, but also the credibility and reputation of the platform, its marketing, the way the funds were raised and the monetization process for investors. The right combination of these pieces defines how the new startup is viewed by the public.

The launchpad, recently introduced by SubMe App, enables young startups to raise funds with the help of blockchain technology. At this point, the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain to raise funds already adds merit to the startups by showing that the creators are geared up with new technologies.

Having built an innovative platform with interesting tokenomics, Subme steps forward and enters the financing market. The launchpad is set to raise the funds for a project development in a fast and robust way. The hub of investors to go in for fundraising mostly contains cryptocurrency holders, willing to invest “big stakes” into newly appearing enterprises. Combining SubMe’s intriguing tokenomics with monetization perks for investors, the startup will experience a new level of funding.

Having to contact the publishers directly, analyzing the metrics and overpaying for advertising is time-consuming and takes a toll on business operation.

Many of the startups to come through SubMe’s launchpad will be cryptocurrency ventures. And here is a little hiccup. Google may prevent a crypto project from using GoogleAds, thus limiting its reach. Other platforms will either offer unfavorable payment terms — i.e. a fortune upfront, when it’s unclear what for and not knowing whether the targets and performance will be achieved; or provide a limited and hard-to-deal-with system that will obstruct the promotion of the project.

As soon as the startups are ready to put the word out to the world, Adshares protocol comes in handy. After joining an ad network, built on Adshares — the creators of projects will gain access to hundreds of publishers in a direct peer-to-peer way. The adtech software and know-how Adshares provides, automates the relations between your project and publishers, putting the marketing experience to a new level of simplicity.

A dedicated test environment, as well as a “pay by performance” system all wrapped up in a crypto protocol serving about 1,4 million transactions per second, gives you tremendous options to “twist” and scale your marketing campaigns in any way you want.

Talking about scalability. As more startups will conquer the metaverse — they surely will seek for the best solutions for promotion and monetization. For an infinite stream of advertising in the Metaverse, Adshares holds a use for each. Recently introduced interactive 3D ads models implementation gives the opportunity to reach the potential customers in several metaverses at once, by bringing them a direct 3D brand experience.

We are inviting all the startups creators to join the ecosystem that endorses the development of your project at the most important initial steps — financing and marketing.

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