Adshares is now available on HYVE – the job marketplace for freelancers

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Adshares is now available on HYVE – the job marketplace for freelancers

There’s no better way to honor the UN International Creativity and Innovation Day than to announce this:

Adshares (ADS) is now accepted as means of payment on HYVE – the decentralized job market for freelancers. Connecting the ADS token – “the digital advertising currency”, with a crypto-enabled job marketplace is a huge step forward in enabling the Creator Economy.

The partnership opens up a new avenue of opportunity for all creators that belong to the ADSHARES community, as well as freelancers offering their skills and time on HYVE.

The token is integrated on 3 major chains.

  • Ethereum (ERC-20) contract: 0xcfcEcFe2bD2FED07A9145222E8a7ad9Cf1Ccd22A
  • Binance (BSC) contract: 0xcfcEcFe2bD2FED07A9145222E8a7ad9Cf1Ccd22A
  • Polygon (MANA) contract: 0x598e49f01bEfeB1753737934a5b11fea9119C796

Think about the amount of freelancer work ordered and delivered in the creative, advertising and media industry, worldwide. Quite unimaginable, right?
Add to it the pace of crypto payment adoption, as creatives embrace and explore the NFT technology, Metaverse creation and Web3.
Mix it with one of the core utilities of the ADS token – holding, liquid staking and spending your ADS rewards in regular retail – and we have a recipe for a revolution on the creative freelancing market.

You’re a creative. A designer, copywriter, journalist, video creator, influencer, blogger, architect, coder, music producer, translator, developer, podcaster. You offer your skills on HYVE. Your work is most probably used in some brand’s paid communication. You get paid in ADS - quick, direct, transparent and fair 

But the placement of the content you created, is also paid with ADS. And anyone who holds ADS, receives automatic rewards, proportional to the number of advertising transactions on chain.

Go figure – you’re the one with the imagination.

In the near future, as part of the partnership, Adshares also plans to offer a debit card chargeable with $ADS. This will allow freelancers to easily make payments online or shop in physical stores using their ADS tokens.

By providing this option, Adshares and Hyve are enabling creators to seamlessly integrate the use of cryptocurrency into their daily lives, further supporting the growing adoption of digital currencies as a legitimate means of payment. This move marks a significant step forward in making cryptocurrencies more accessible, and driving the utility of ADS as the digital advertising currency.

Cake, plus the cream. Plus the cherry.