Adshares is establishing a partnership with launchpad - Norion.

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Adshares is establishing a partnership with launchpad - Norion.

The world of advertising is undergoing a major upgrade, being forced to adapt when the inefficiency of existing methods are now crystal clear. Over 763.5 million people currently use ad blockers, leading to an estimated $81billion wasted on ad fraud and bots.

Advertisers lack viable alternatives to the current model. Consumers are tired of annoying, badly targeted ads. Advertisers include a vast range of businesses who simply want to get in front of their target audience. To do this in a digital space means relying on only a few dominant players, such as Google and other tech giants, with few effective alternatives.

On the other hand, internet users are burdened everyday with annoying ads that are rarely relevant due to the low quality data used to fuel them. However, when people are given the chance to opt-in and are compensated for their attention, such as with Brave, the tables turn.

With over 50 million users at the time of writing, it’s clear that people are waking up to the fact that they too deserve to be valued within the digital economy and are willing to act on it.

The rise of Blockchain and the death of cookies mark the beginning of a new era of consumer advertising. Users start to realise the value of their personal data — and advertisers are seeking new ways to segment, target and reach relevant groups with their message. We are happy to be working with a company which tries to marry the needs of marketers with respect for consumers’ privacy.

— Jacek Studzinski, Adshares

Many people are aware of the role data has in fuelling the ad industry but are turned off by how badly targeting happens or how irrelevant the ads themselves are. United by a shared vision to empower individuals within the digital economy, we’re really excited to work with the Adshares team to reimagine advertising and bring even more value back to our communities and stakeholders.

— Wojciech Sroka, CEO of Norion

What is Adshares?

Adshares (ADS) is the most advanced blockchain-based project in the advertising market, whose decentralised ecosystem connects publishers and advertisers directly.

It offers a fully decentralised advertising ecosystem that provides a range of ad tech services to empower the marketing activities of any company. Direct contracts between Publishers and Advertisers are possible thanks to the use of blockchain protocol.

Capable of holding the entire programmatic industry’s advertising settlements, Adshares also facilitates the growth and development of the entire marketing area.

  • Simplifies blockchain adoption by the ad tech industry

  • Brings transparency to advertising buying and value chain

  • Enables placing ads in Web3 apps and the Metaverse

Adshares serves as the default advertising solution, which can be applied for media, games, metaverses, webs and DOOH.

Adshares develops a three-layer complete solution for ad tech: from its blockchain, through the Adshares ad settlement protocol, to ad servers which allow it to manage and place campaigns in all touchpoints, including the Metaverse.

Through this integration, Norion will work with Adshares to bring high quality, relevant ads to Norion users.

What is Norion?

Norion is the most open and the most advanced launchpad for early stage investors in the space. Users can access ICOs without the necessity to hold launchpad tokens - it’s simply free for all. 

Norion launchpad offers an unique features for wide variety of investors like:
- multi-currency payments (ETH, Polygon, BNB)
- FIAT payments (USD, EUR, CHF + other)
- security, verification and fraud detection
- multiple presale ICO rounds
- advanced ICO branded spaces to learn more about projects
- native community tools to get in touch with project Teams
- and a lot more to come…

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