Adshares and Polkacity — Partnership For all Citizens

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Adshares and Polkacity — Partnership For all Citizens

Officially, we have reached an agreement with Polkacity on a unified protocol of advertising exchange for the up-and-coming Polkacity virtual world.

Thanks to this partnership, Polkacity citizens may start to monetize their lands with advertising. In addition to the standard placements like billboards and banners - our team is working for the ads to be placed in Taxis, Buses, Trains and other Polkacity assets.

Adshares ($ADS) is the only blockchain created specifically with the ad tech industry in mind and aiming to “help the advertising world get on blockchain”.

We enable direct, real-time ad settlements between advertisers and publishers. But on top of that — our protocol empowers the creation of ad networks, ad servers or advertising exchange markets. One of the side-effects — is a radical, revolutionary change in the democratization of advertising and publishing.

As of today, Polkacity (POLC) is an NFT marketplace that aims to “revolutionize the ownership of virtual assets” by building the world’s first 3D and AR NFT platform that will be on multiple blockchains. Users can purchase and own virtual taxis, gas stations, and services and earn interest on their assets. By holding the NFTs representing them, users receive weekly payments as the virtual city combining different DeFi elements grows. Polkacity is constantly expanding the available assets, now also including land and infrastructure. Being at the stage of active development of the project, PolkaCity has already built a sophisticated tokenomics, which will be the foundation for further expansion and creation of their main product — the 3D game AFAIK.

With citizens in mind

Polkacity is the metaverse that has monetization ingrained in its DNA — it’s only natural and healthy to predict that advertising will be one of the forces building this virtual world.

Publishers / citizens / land owners are key for the development of Polkacity — because every citizen may just as well become an advertiser or a publisher.

Launched at the beginning of 2021, Polkacity has published a mobile app and a desktop version of its virtual city. In Q3 2021, Polkacity launched its marketplace, where citizens can trade assets. In the future, the project foresees expansion to different blockchains and the addition of additional NFTs like neighbouring cities or even continents.

A partnership from the get-go

Instead of building a world and then starting to respond to users’s inquiries and requests — we decided to “ingrain” an advertising network infrastructure into the world.

Adshares has been as the selected “advertising integration partner”. The Adshares protocol — which enables connecting the word of programmatic advertising on blockchain.

In addition to Polkacity’s in-game bonus structure, digital asset owners will have advanced advertising revenue opportunities. Simultaneously, other users will be able to advertise their services and digital ownerships in many places of Polkacity based on our protocol

The main focus of the development is to enhance the product in order to properly display ads in every place of the Polkacity. All of them will be connected through API with the Polkacity game.

Within the partnership, Adshares $ADS coin will be running the whole system on the backend, the user in the frontend will be seeing $POLC tokens.

“Together — we make monetization in Polkacity easier than ever — and we prove that advertising economy can be something shared among all citizens.” — said Carmelo Milian, CEO & founder, Polkacity

“Today — it’s metaverse citizens. Tomorrow — any customer may have a share in the global programmatic market” — adds Jacek Zemło, founder and CTO.

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