ADSHARES and METAPRO forge a meta-partnership

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ADSHARES and METAPRO forge a meta-partnership
The Metaverse cake just got bigger. And tastier. 

The metaverse will be built by everybody 

At least in theory – decentralized systems, based on decentralized protocols, are by definition “co-created”. 

But in practice – this young technology, quite naturally, is meeting many obstacles. 

On the human side, there’s the slow adoption curve of web3 technologies – like installing a wallet, understanding how to use it online is already quite a challenge. Compare Metamask’s 10 million users in a year with OpenAI’s 100 million in a week. People still don’t see the value of “going crypto” beyond its monetary benefits. The crawling metaverse adoption. Let’s face it: metaverse is still just a concept being verified. And at the moment, there is no “true” metaverse, other than Decentraland (with its Currency, World, Economy and Governance).  

“No one else is here”, or should we say “My friends are not here” syndrome also doesn’t help. 

Web3 Game Arena: driving metaverse adoption, community by community 

This partnership goes far beyond a “memorandum of understanding” – it’s more of a task force, pulling together resources, and skills in order to accelerate the creation of the Metaverse from both ends – the developers’ end, and the gamers’ end. The first true test of the partnership will be the Web3 Game Arena, organized by Metapro and ESE Entertainment. The event itself will be a part of Poznań Game Arena 2023 – the biggest games and multimedia fest in Central Europe. 

Tens of thousands of games and multimedia enthusiasts from all over Europe will meet to see the newest and hottest in games, esports, VR – and of course, Web3. It will also be an opportunity to reach and onboard thousands of gamers, already interested and exploring the web3 area into the Metaverse. ADSHARES and Metapro are working on a multi-dimensional concept, where users will be able to get a universal wallet, enter the metaverse, create their first avatar, get their first wearable, and win some crypto. 

Making the cake bigger, together 

Just like ADSHARES – Metapro is an ecosystem of web3 applications dedicated to game and metaverse developers, 3d creators, and gamers. And just like ADSHARES, it has a couple of layers. The Metapro protocol includes the blockchain protocol (Metapro protocol), a marketplace connecting creators with developers and players (Metapro market) and a web3 wallet which is a getaway to the metaverse (Metapro wallet).  

CoinSwap is the DeFi layer – a decentralized exchange, enabling crypto exchange, farming, or staking. The exchange is focused on gaming assets, metaverse, and NFTs.  Metapro wallet is a non-custodial app, used to hold NFT’s, tokens, and gaming assets. It supports top coins and tokens on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon networks. It also supports ERC721 and ERC1155 standards. SpacePad is a launchpad platform, connected with CoinSwap, enabling game devs to create their own tokens and coins. 

MySpace web browser enables users to display assets stored in the Wallet, and is a great example of a browser focused on gaming and blockchain. 

Metapro is a very ambitious project, and a whole ecosystem – just like ADSHARES, so there are many layers on which we can collaborate and exchange, said Krzysztof Bochenek, ADSHARES CEO. “we are looking forward to making Web3 Game Arena the biggest metaverse event in Poland in 2023”. 

Creating a “plug-and-play” monetization system for web3game developers is a great example. Thanks to ADSHARES technology, it will be very easy for game devs to connect in-game ad placements with the decentralized ad network of Web3Ads – or even create their own in-game or in-world ad network. Creating a bridge between ADSHARES and Metapro blockchain protocols will enable users to store ADS on their wallets – but at the same time, it will enable games and gamers to gain rewards in their native tokens. And the Web3 Game Arena will be an opportunity to showcase our Metaverse skills, creating an online version of the conference or its elements, and enabling faster adoption of this new and exciting technology among Polish and European users. 

Take a bite, out of curiosity.