WEAR YOUR AD-ITUDE: Uniqly and ADSHARES phygital collection

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WEAR YOUR AD-ITUDE: Uniqly and ADSHARES phygital collection

UNIQLY and ADSHARES phygital collection opens doors for cross-world branded collaborations 

The collaboration between Uniqly.io and ADSHARES opens new possibilities for brands – beyond creating “digital promotional wearables” – the Adshares protocol is able to actually “make ads pay you”. 


In order to explore the new territory – ADSHARES and UNIQLY have created a limited collection of cross-world wearables: T-shirts, hoodies, caps and even… an umbrella to keep you independent from the rain in Decentraland.

The collection can be viewed, purchased and redeemed via the official store.

Users may simply connect their wallet ad pay with preferred token, on their preferred network.

Our collection is available as both physical items and virtual wearables.

The digital wearables are available for Decentraland.

The store was opened last Tuesday, which is also meaningful: 4 days after the Black Friday – we’re encouraging users to “forget promotions” and “buy at full price… if you want to”. 


Clothes are essentially functional. They protect us from the elements: wind, water, temperature, light. 

Clothes are the means of personal expression. From tiger skins that showed your hunting prowess… to knight armors and monk robes to… Ralph Lauren expanding its logo to half of your polo shirt. 

Clothes show our attitude. Rainbows, anarchy signs and various claims decorate our clothes for decades. 

Clothes have been the means of brand expression as well – from employee uniforms hat enhance loyalty to promotional t-shirts you get at crypto cons. 

The metaverse and web3 expand the possibilities of branded clothes and experiences to an entirely new dimension. 

Smart wearables extend the functionality of clothes into the digital realm. 

Digital wearables can now protect you from invasive ads, enhance online self-expression – and promote your brand in both worlds. 

Digital sunglasses that block ads? Yes, it’s possible. With smart coded wearables – additional functionalities can be “woven into the fabric” with code. 

Earning money for wearing digital promo clothes? We’re working on it. Imagine new Decentraland users who could work as “hostesses”, promoting brands or events in exchange for crypto. 

Opening a whole new market for digital wearable creators? Yes – that’s it. In addition to creating and selling wearables and emotes – they will be able to provide services to bigger brands.  

Uniqly.io (UNIQ) enables creators, artists and brands to bridge physical and digital experiences. The company provides the platform to launch next-layer e-commerce stores, fully automated, no-code solution where each physical product is sold through NFT with the possibility of redeeming to different metaverses.

ADSHARES (ADS) – a web3 advertising ecosystem with proprietary blockchain, monetization protocol and ad network solutions – enabling automated programmatic ads in the metaverse and web3.

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