Launch of Adshares Crew program

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Launch of Adshares Crew program

We are glad to announce the official launch of the Adshares Crew program. This is the ambassador program for everyone. Adshares team is very thankful to the community as well as value and appreciate the efforts of everybody to help with project development. To make this interaction even more engaging we are introducing the Adshares Crew program taking the place on the Crew3 platform.

Adshares Crew activities aim to deepen your knowledge about Adshares ecosystem and give you the opportunity to benefit from activities.

What is this about and how it is related to Discord XP?

The goal of the program is to grow the project, create a strong community and give you the opportunity to participate in all activities coming out of Adshares. It's bringing fun and awakening your creativity by completing various tasks. To start the adventure you should join the Crew3 platform and Adshares community.

We invite you to Adshares Crew:

Join now

Every time the mission is submitted and approved you are gaining the Crew3 platform XP that is mirrored to Discord XP. Furthermore, you can level up in community ranking and earn new roles with exclusive permissions, perks and benefits.

The main idea: Adshares Crew program empowers the Discord community system. Crew3 XP will be duplicated and transferred to Discord XP in the ratio 1:1. This means that if you earned 530 XP on the Crew3 platform, you could swap 530 XP to Discord.

From December 1, we will launch the entirely completed sprint, with well-prepared tasks and a rating system. During the sprint, the status of tasks will not be changed. Additionally, some categories will not be used in the next sprint, in order to give everyone an equal opportunity.

How many categories then?
Each task is placed in a selected category from the following list: 










  • DAO


While some of the categories are easy to complete and assure the XP, others require skills and knowledge in different areas as well as the specified role to open the quest. Some quests can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, others can be completed only once. 

How to join the program:
1. Visit Adshares Crew3 board
2. Join by connecting via a Discord account.
3. Connect your Twitter account.
4. Take a look at ┇🌎┇crew channel on Discord - this is where we announce new tasks, be updated!

With all that being said, let’s dive into categories.

Quests on Adshares Crew

Getting started

This category is essential to open other categories. XP is taken simply and completing all the quests will bring you as much as 200 XP right away!

  • Join our social media - Twitter, Discord, Instagram and Youtube - it will be needed to unlock tasks in the future. Send the screenshot of you following us.

  • ADS Holder - you have to hold at least 100 ADS, and you get the role on Discord. Paste your ADS native wallet address.

  • Coingecko, CoinmarketCap, Dextool - adding ADS coin to favorite list to monitor the price. Simply click on star icons near the coin label.

  • #AdsharesCrew in your Twitter and Discord BIO. 

Daily interaction

These are the running and up-to-date quests. Some tasks like “Daily connect” “Comment on…” “Vote GOOD” are available to complete and restarted every day. Every day we drop there a new quest like like&retweet the specific tweet or comment or vote for Adshares on ranking lists.

  • Daily connect: connect with the Crew3 platform

  • Comment  for Adshares ADS on CoinMarketCap or CG

  • Vote good by clicking the thumb up button. 

  • Twitter interactions: tweets to like, reply to and retweet. Every day we post a new tweet to interact with. 

  • Other examples of daily tasks are DAO proposal voting, Discord activities, specific events and etc.

Twitter time

This is where you can share your opinion about Adshares on Twitter.
Tweet about Adshares, and comment under other tweets. There is one responsible task: Technical analysis of ADS - many traders count on you. 

  • Tweet about Adshares. Should be original and positive about Adshares. Guys, please don’t copypaste the info. Put out something from your heart, your thoughts. 

  • Shilling, mention Adshares in comments under relevant tweets of potential partners, influencers or market topics. 

  • Technical analysis. Anticipate the price of ADS. Make sure to present and show it on a graphic. 


Shortly, these are activities in our community hub. Chat, create and simply be alive in our community. Remember: Engaging on Discord by texting and being on LIVE Streams brings you XP straightforwardly on Discord. Completing the tasks on the Crew3 platform gives you even more XP.

  • Initiate a conversation: start the conversation on the general chat in Discord. 

  • Join our weekly community meetings and make a screenshot.

  • Once you join the server you can tell a bit about yourself in Introduce yourself task.

  • Pick the free role. Make others see what you are interested in real life. once complete.

  • Booster mate! Boost our server and make a positive influence on community development.

Invite time

Let’s check how good you are at social skills. Bring your friends and other market enthusiasts to the Adshares Crew program and to Discord. Influence the growth of the community, hence the awareness of the project.

Content creation

This is where you can fully express your creativity and show your knowledge of the market and the Adshares ecosystem. Additional rewards in ADS are assigned if your content goes viral. Be yourself on your favorite platforms and create something original, outstanding and informative.

Quiz to Squeeze

This section fulfills your knowledge about Adshares. We are constantly adding new questions about blockchain, protocol, market, coin, advertising and ecosystem overall.  


This is a specific category dedicated to the official Adshares Ambassador - to become one contact us (the official form will be released soon on website). Ambassadors spread the word about Adshares by sharing the materials with their communities or by attending and organizing offline events. Since the tasks are business based we are going to reward our ambassadors with ADS or other pre-approved currencies. One of the perks Ambassadors have are the access to Adshares events and whitelists as well as the first to receive inside information.

If you are an influencer, work in a relatable industry, own the project or are an enterprising person willing to help Adshares - then you can apply for becoming an Ambassador. You could use your connection and build up the network by attending the events and connecting us to potential partners. Furthermore, you can become the Adshares partner.

Huge XP and earnings in ADS.   


If you are a metaverse creator, landowner or web3 advertisers this section is for you. Earn XP for what you’re always doing and enrich the Adshares community with benefits like wearables or new advertising campaigns. 

 Claim your XP

This is important.
As it was mentioned above you earn the XP on Crew3 platform and then you could transfer them to Discord XP. Every month after you collect any number of XP you can claim the swap. To start claiming for the first time you need to unlock the Level 3 in Crew3 XP system - it will be 500 XP to earn. Reminder: 500 XP is already the second role in the ranking system.

Rewards and Discord XP system
Recently we’ve released the XP gaining system on Adhsares Discord. The community can earn XP by chatting on Discord channels and joining the LIVE community meetings on Wednesday.

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