The Simple Way to Monetize Your Land - Adshares Integrates with Decentraland

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The Simple Way to Monetize Your Land - Adshares Integrates with Decentraland

Adshares ($ADS)  the decentralised advertising protocol, has just shared an asset pack for DCL Builder, which enables seamless integration, automated settlement and automatic monetization of ads across Decentraland ($MANA).

Metaverse advertising is inevitable

Advertising is present in every sphere of life and already appears in metaverses in a very simplified form. Sooner or later it will appear there on a large scale. Moreover, as the virtual world is in a very early stage of development, the events and experiences created for the Metaverse need advertising in order to attract guests — and to grow.

Land owners who invested in Decentraland may be looking for ways to increase their ROI by monetising their parcels with paid advertising.

Up-and-coming ad networks who may need to automate their ad placements with a more automated exchange and ad-buying process.

Adshares offers intuitive, smart-object based advertising integration

A smart object, just published on the company’s Github page, allows any DCL parcel owner to easily and intuitively integrate their ad placements with the Adshares protocol.

The system will automatically detect a new placement — and serve ads immediately. The whole process takes around 10 minutes and you can see it in the new YouTube video.

The profits (‘ad shares’) are transferred to their native ADS wallet automatically, every hour.

This makes $ADS the “advertising currency” — and gives any holder a share in the whole digital advertising market.

The whole process requires no media or coding knowledge. However, those who wish to track their advertising performance, can create an ad server account in order to receive live campaign data: revenue, clicks, views, CPM, CPA, and others, in an easy to export format.

Owners may freely change their ad sizes, placements or take down ads they deem inappropriate — contributing to making Metaverse advertising better.

Decentraland is the second integrated metaverse right after Cryptovoxels. As the space is growing so is Adshares. The team is constantly working on new integrations with metaverse projects like Sandbox, TCG World, Polkacity and others.

Creating a healthier adtech industry

“Haters say we want to litter Metaverse with ads, but they’re completely missing the point” — says Adshares CEO Chris Bochenek, “we are doing exactly the opposite. By providing a protocol designed for advertising, by making it decentralised, and by creating DAO which we plan to do — we are providing a baseplate, a backbone, a standard for a healthier digital advertising”. The summary is simple. All of our activities are leading to the acceleration of this new universe.

The Adshares team is constantly working to expand its ecosystem — integrating more publishers, websites, advertising placements in the Metaverse. Adshares already is one of the largest decentralised ads platforms in the world, sharing over 200 million monthly ad impressions across the web and Metaverse.

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