MILC Platform Partners with Adshares

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MILC Platform Partners with Adshares

This partnership was a long time in the making, but we didn’t want to make empty promises and put a logo out just for the sake of it.

Today is the day!  We can proudly say that the MILC Platform has now been integrated into the Adshares decentralized ad network! has just joined our expanding network, already integrated with Voxels, Decentraland and PolkaCity.

This makes Adshares an unquestionable leader in terms of delivering ads to the Metaverse.

MILC is a virtual world with a real mission: to teleport the Media Industry to Web3. It is dedicated to become the ultimate "Super Studio" for all forms of content, fused with virtual experiences and interactivity, and teeming with endless B2B and B2C opportunities. This partnership propels the MILC Metaverse forward. It ensures that the events and experiences meticulously crafted within the Metaverse receive the advertising boost they deserve.

Adshares Network, a Web3 and Metaverse advertising standard, operates on its proprietary public blockchain, and is fully interoperable with AdTech protocols (like RTB).

This tech enables ads in various digital realms, like websites, metaverses, games, AR, and VR, across diverse media formats.

By integrating with the Adshares Network, MILC is poised to leverage its capabilities, making ad space offerings accessible across Web3 and various Metaverses, such as Sandbox. This synergy opens the door to automated settlement and automatic monetization of ads throughout the MILC Platform.

Furthermore, Adshares will provide the essential infrastructure needed to establish syndicated ad networks spanning multiple Metaverses, fostering a cohesive and expansive advertising ecosystem.

With Adshares on board, these immersive virtual realms will attract a broader audience, fostering growth and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the Metaverse.


If you want to include the metaverse in your brand’s or client’s media plan – contact our Sales team at [email protected]