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The world's most advanced Metaverse advertising protocol

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Adshares is the first Metaverse-ready advertising protocol.

It allows land owners, developers and metaverse games to monetize their advertising spaces.

Programmatic ads across the Metaverse

Advertisers are looking to the metaverse to position themselves as thought leaders, pioneers - and to reach a new, high-quality audience of early adopters.

Advertising in virtual, decentralized spaces requires a decentralized protocol - capable of delivering your ad where it belongs.

Adshares network is fully interoperable with websites, metaverse, blockchain games & mobile apps.

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New value for Metaverse Creators

Provide your Metaverse users with a new utility: Allow them to monetize their lands in many ways using a true automated advertising system.

Introduce a new, compelling, and feasible source of revenue for your Metaverse and its users.

New utility for Metaverse tokens

Metaverses across various blockchains can be easily integrated with the Adshares ecosystem.

ADS coin can be wrapped to ETH, BNB, TRON, and Polygon. This allows Metaverse creators to add new utility to their platform’s token.

Pay-outs from ads can be distributed using a native project token – which increases its value.

Integrate your Metaverse
  • Advertisers pay for ad campaigns in one of the AdServer apps
  • Ads are displayed in the Metaverse
  • Initial settlement processed in ADS
  • ADS are swapped to native project token through a DEX
  • Metaverse user receives a project token as a reward

Let your land earn money for you

Make your land work harder!

Any landowner can easily monetize their lands by directly placing there ads. Payouts are instant and depend on the number of unique views. Simple as that. Passive income made possible.

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Put DCL smart item developed by Adshares team on your parcel
Provide payout address (native or BSC)
Earn ADS

Advertise in the Metaverse

Adshares allows advertising in any virtual space – websites, metaverse, games, mobile apps or AR/VR - in any format - from banner ads to video or 3D models.

Ad servers built upon Adshares allow single-point planning of all programmatic – or all digital advertising. AdServer software works similarly to known ad-buying panels. The only difference – you log in with your web3 identity – Metamask or our native ADS Wallet.

Jump to one of AdServers and create a truly programmatic display campaign to show your ads inside the Metaverse.

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Companies using Adshares
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Programmatic ads - in the Metaverse, over blockchain

Partner with Adshares to build new web3 standards. You can be a publisher, advertiser, agency, AdTech company, or even a metaverse creator.