Adshares (ADS) is now available on Transak

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Adshares (ADS) is now available on Transak

We are delighted to inform our community that Adshares (ADS) is now available for purchase on Transak platform. It provides our community with a seamless experience to buy ADS with fiat-to-crypto methods and securely deposit it into their preferred wallets. This integration opens up a wealth of opportunities for advertisers and businesses, empowering them with easy access to ADS.

Important highlights: 

  • Ticker: $ADS
  • Network: ERC20 Network
  • Link to purchase:
  • Available to purchase in 150+ countries around the globe
  • Possible to purchase using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa and MasterCard as well as the local credit cards and bank transfers of the particular country.

Here's how you can acquire ADS using Transak:

  1. Visit
    Head over to the Transak website and explore their platform.
  2. Choose the operation and search for ADS ticker
    Utilize the search function to locate ADS from the extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies.
  3. Select your payment method
    Select your preferred local payment method from the available options provided by Transak.
  4. Enter your Adshares ERC20 wallet address and proceed with the payment
    Copy and safely paste your Adshares ERC20 wallet address to ensure the transfer of your purchased ADS tokens. 

Important note: add ADS token to the MetaMask wallet beforehand. Here is how you can add the ADS on ERC20 chain: How to add ADS coins to Metamask? (Look Step 1).

Making the ADSHARES network even more accessible

One of the main challenges of decentralized ad networks is that they are decentralized – which means they require cryptocurrency to run.

The ADSHARES team put a lot of time and effort into making the ADS token available to any crypto user, on the most popular chains. Whether on ADS native chain, Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon – users can use their wrapped tokens to pay for advertising.

  • The ADS coin is listed on the most important decentralized exchanges.
  • Our Web3ads team offers ongoing service and support for clients who rather stick to invoices and wire transfers.
  • The OpenRTB integration made the ADSHARES Settlement Protocol interoperable with Real-Time Bidding Protocol.

From now on – our collaboration with Transak opens a new era of offering blockchain-based solutions to the wide, non-crypto user base.

Transak is one of the vital players expanding the adoption of cryptocurrencies with a suite of apps and services, that enable users to buy cryptocurrencies online using a bank transfer or credit card. With the Transak on- and off-ramp services, the ADSHARES ecosystem will become available to clients who are not ready, or who would rather not use cryptocurrency exchanges for their advertising buying operation.

  • Advertisers can use Transak to purchase ADS and charge their accounts.

The true revolution is still the ADSHARES blockchain and settlement protocol – but in order to make it happen, we need to onboard more traditional advertisers, who are reluctant to use cryptocurrency” – said Krzysztof Bochenek, ADSHARES CEO. “Partnership with Transak will help us reach more potential clients – and make our services more accessible for a wider audience”.

We want to make our servers as easy to use as the AdManager or Meta Business Manager – one can add their credit card and forget that the “crypto” is even there.