Adshares Launches Academy to Provide Essential Knowledge to Navigate the Ecosystem

Adshares Launches Academy to Provide Essential Knowledge to Navigate the Ecosystem

Adshares is excited to launch the Adshares Academy, a comprehensive platform designed to provide advertisers, publishers, and ADS coin holders with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the Adshares ecosystem. We understand that using the Adshares platform can be challenging, especially for new users. With Adshares Academy, we aim to make it easier for users to learn more about Adshares ecosystem and make the most of its features. 

Visit and explore Adshares Academy.

The academy is open to everyone and provides tutorials and general information covering various sections such as blockchain, ADS coin, wallet, Adserver, and protocol. The blockchain section captures the main features of the native blockchain, while the Adshares (ADS) section provides tutorials on different ADS operations. The wallet section consists of essential features of the ADS wallet, and the ad server section provides different helpful tutorials for advertisers and publishers. Lastly the protocol section captures the essential features of Adshares protocol. 

The Adshares Academy is part of our commitment to providing Adshares community, clients, and partners with the best tools and resources to make the most of our ecosystem. We will continue to enrich the academy with more information, tutorials, and general knowledge to help users stay updated with new features and advancements in the Adshares ecosystem. 

"We believe that empowering our community with essential knowledge and skills is crucial to the growth of Adshares" said Krzysztof Bochenek, CEO of Adshares 

To access the Adshares Academy, visit Adshares website and click on the Academy tab. We encourage everyone to explore the different sections and take advantage of this platform to learn more about Adshares ecosystem. 

We look forward to continuing to support our users, partners and clients with the best resources and tools to get the most out of Adshares solutions. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements from Adshares.