$ADS Token

Skyrocket your cryptocurrency portfolio with Adshares.

There are many ways to become ADS holder. Choose one of them and take part of the most promising blockchain project in advertising.

How to get ADS

Adshares Token Address

Token release schedule

Token release schedule

ADS Utilities

Chain fees

Adshares native blockchain charges fees in ADS coin.

Pay with ADS

Adshares Network uses ADS for all advertisement payments in the network.

Collect ADS

ADS holders receive a part of network comission.

Burn ADS

1% of ad turnover is sent to a burner address (DAO fund in the future).

How to hold ADS

Adserver account

The easiest way to store and buy ADS. Register at any Adserver, deposit and manage your coins. You can also use ADS for campaigns.

Receive, send, advertise with ADS

ADS wallet

Dedicated ADS Wallet as a browser extension. Take full control of your funds. Create wallet, generate seed phrase, save it securely and hodl. Read more.

Install for Chrome, Brave and Firefox.

Download wallet

Once you have created wallet, or registered account on Adserver, you can buy ADS with cryptocurrencies. We recommend to choose adserver option for adversiers who would like to spend ADS on campaigns. Quick option is the best possibility for people who would like to hodl or trade. Remember, only ADS wallet gives you full control of your keys.

Buy now with crypto

Purchase amount (USD) The minimum deposit is 200 USD

You will receive approximately* * 1 ADS = ?.??? USD, subject to market price fluctuation

Your ADS address in format XXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXX Don't have wallet yet? Download it and create account in a minute

You will be redirected to NowPayments.io. Please note that it may take up to a few hours to deposit your funds, depending on the cryptocurrency you are using. A notification will be sent via e-mail once the funds have been deposited.

Buy ADS with crypto

The easiest way to get ADS.

Quickly purchase with top cryptocurrencies

Become ADS coin owner in minutes using crypto payment gateway. Proceed your payment in just a few clicks.

Receive ADS right in to your wallet

Take control of your funds. Install ADS Wallet as browser extension, secure seed phrase and use generated address to receive purchased coins.

Where are the coins from?

The coins are bought on the market. Market price may change before payment is processed.

Deposit to Adserver account

The second option is to deposit ADS from within the adserver client. Your funds are deposited to Adserver's blockchain address, and you can manage them from your client dashboard. As we mentioned above, this option is recommended for users who want to pay for banner campaigns using ADS.

1. Register at adaround.net
2. Click 'Deposit' on the right-top bar
3. Use 50+ coins to deposit

This option is dedicated to crypto-crypto paymets.