How to monetize adblock traffic.

Depending on the source, between 13% and 30% of all Internet users are currently blocking ads, and the figure has been on the rise in recent years. What is more, it is still rising in 2020, so regardless of whether you are an advertiser or a website owner, adblockers are affecting your business.

Although there has been a slight drop in the growth rate over the past few years, there are more and more AdBlock users every year, so anti AdBlock solution is something you should seriously consider if you are operating in the ad market. According to, 27% of internet users in the US will block ads on at least one of their internet-connected devices by 2021, whereas in Germany as much as 32.8% of internet users blocked ads already in 2019. Ads are blocked more often on PCs/desktops and laptops than on mobile devices, which means that Chrome and Firefox AdBlock plugins are the most commonly used advertisement blockers.

These trends can be attributed to web user frustration at noisy, intrusive and annoying offers which appear online. According to research carried out by GlobalWebIndex, those who decide to install AdBlock Plus or other ad-blocking software point out that there are too many ads. They also find online advertising annoying, irrelevant or too intrusive.

On the other hand there are multiple businesses trying to reach their audiences using quality ads, as well as tech platforms looking to demonstrate the value of their ad tools. They all experience problems due to the widespread use of software such as AdBlock Plus Chrome plugin or similar tools.

How to increase profit using AdBlock traffic?

There is no certainty that your ads will be always visible to all users you want to reach, however, Adshares can help you reach those who use adblockers or monetize your AdBlock traffic if you are a website owner or admin. The decentralization of our ad servers and innovation in advertisement delivery minimizes the possibility of adblocking. Unlike most popular advertising networks, such as Google Ads, Coinzilla, CoinTraffic or PropellerAds, Adshares can help publishers monetize their AdBlock traffic, and advertisers reach more users to sell more products, get more registrations etc. Our anti AdBlock solution lets publishers display ads to most Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari users who have some sort of ad blocking extension installed in their browsers. It also lets publishers reach more Android and iOS users.

How to monetize AdBlock users?

If you are already cooperating as a publisher with other ad networks, e.g. Adsterra or Mellow Ads, you can use Adshares as an additional source of revenue. What’s important, you’ll be able to use Adshares simultaneously with other ad networks. Adshares offers a solution that does not require changing your current ad network to monetize AdBlock traffic.

How it works? Adshares ad units can be integrated with your site to serve part of the traffic (e.g. AdBlock traffic only, or traffic below specific CPM rate). Once you implement the code, Adshares ad unit becomes the primary one, and other ad network’s ad unit becomes the fallback one.

For instance, Adshares ad unit can be used to serve AdBlock traffic using the adblock_only option. In case this option is used, the backfill code (i.e. other ad network’s ad unit) will be rendered for every user who is NOT using an ad blocker. If you would like to implement our solution, click here to learn more.

Why should you choose Adshares?

Adshares is the first 100% decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising, also being one of the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. We use our own, unique blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers, allowing them to make direct deals.

Combined with some unique features, Adshares offers a very interesting set of advantages over mainstream and crypto ad networks:

Our open ecosystem is based on a reliable and secure ADS Blockchain that has been tested to process up to 1.4M transfers per second, making it significantly faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares, and all other available blockchains.