What are the main features of the Adshares Blockchain?

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What are the main features of the Adshares Blockchain?

The Adshares Blockchain is a crypto transaction protocol, designed and created to serve direct advertising microtransactions between advertisers and publishers. Adshares Blockchain operates using the native ADS coin in which all transactions are settled. ADS Blockchain serves as a „railworks system” for all future digital ads. Blockchain is ready to easily scale up and process all ad transactions in the world.

Adshares dPoS blockchain has proven capable of holding the entire programmatic industry’s advertising settlements. It can do more than 1,400,000 transfers/sec.

The main feature of ADS Blockchain is a very high volume of one-to-one and one-to-many microtransactions. Small account and transaction identifiers, reduced transaction set and parallel processing of transactions are facilitating high transaction volumes (>100kHz one-one transactions, >1MHz one-many transactions).

The fixed block time of Adshares Blockchain means that a new block is created every 512 seconds, regardless of the number of transactions being processed. This helps to ensure that the network remains stable and predictable, and that transactions can be processed quickly and efficiently.


Adshares Blockchain is a Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) chain. This means that all transactions are verified and approved by nodes that own the most ADS tokens. Nodes are heavily penalized for double spends so most transactions can be trusted almost instantly.

dPoS also allows for reduced network maintenance costs.

EVM Compatibility

The Adshares Blockchain was scaled down to the simplest transaction features, therefore it does not directly support smart contracts. However – Adshares is fully compatible with EVMs, allowing integration of smart contracts.

ADS coin & ADS token

All transactions on the Adshares Blockchain are settled using the ADS native coin.

This makes ADS the “future advertising currency” – allowing to buy, sell, and own a share of the advertising market.

Wrapped ADS Coin allows Metaverse creators to add extra utility to the project’s native token. Payouts from ads can be distributed in a native project token, causing instant and constant demand for the project tokens.

Liquid Staking

ADS coin serves as a stake in the protocol and payment mechanism. The liquid staking mechanism rewards account holders and node managers to support the growth of the ADS Ecosystem.

However, the application of the Adshares Blockchain is not limited to advertising – and we welcome developers with different backgrounds to experiment and build using Adshares. More technical information you can find here.