ADS Blockchain

is a crypto transaction protocol, designed and created to serve direct advertising microtransactions between advertisers and publishers. Adshares Blockchain operates using the native ADS coin in which all transactions are settled. Blockchain is ready to easily scale up and process all ad transactions in the world.

ADS Ecosystem

is a decentralized three-layer environment consisting of Adshares Protocol, Adshares Blockchain and AdServers, Apps.

ADS Protocol

is an ecosystem where back-end apps working to exchange information such as all ad events, comparison of prices, balancing supply and demand, ensuring that the right advertising format is delivered to the correct location and that the Publisher is rewarded accordingly.

ADS Token

is a crypto asset which was built on the ADS Blockchain. The basic utility of ADS token is enabling network maintenance – the chain fees.

ADS Wallet

is an easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Adshares Blockchain. Adshares Wallet provides integration with internal and external services connected to Adshares network. It is a convenient, free, open-source client-side tool.

ADS coin

is a decentralized digital money serves as fuel of the world's advertising economy. All settlements within the Adshares Ecosystem are done in ADS coin. People can own a slice of the advertising world by holding the ADS coin. And this world pays back to its stakers.


is an algorithm that provides data about banners, classifies them in the system and allows Publishers to effectively filter unwanted content.


is an algorithm that works for the advertiser and decides what and how much should be transferred from the advertiser to the publisher based on campaign results (impressions, clicks, conversions).


is an algorithm that works for the publisher and decides which ad to match for a given impression and place on the page. It also optimizes revenue - learns from incoming payments. Thanks to micropayments, it knows advertisers' solvency after a single click - low risk.


is an open-source software that can be run by any participant in Adshares ecosystem to handle their own publishing inventory. AdServer is connected to other microservices handling various functions required for the protocol operations like: ad classification provider, ad selection algorithms and so on. Metaverse, web3 apps and games can run own instance of AdServer or can use hosted one.


is an algorithm that accepts requests from AdServer internally, stores information about the user who views the page, detects if traffic is natural or generated by bots and returns data about groups to which the user belongs.


is a business entity that runs a Campaign. Advertisers constitute the demand side of the market, as they generate demand for places where they can display their Ads.



is a native token to BNB Smart Chain created by Binance made to run smart contracts.


CEX (Centralized Exchange)

is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that operates through a central authority, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currency or other digital assets. The exchange provides real-time pricing information, trading capabilities, and guaranteed liquidity for its users. However, unlike DEX (Decentralized Exchanges), CEXs require users to reveal their identities and give the exchange full control over their assets. This centralized control makes CEXs more susceptible to hacking or fraud than their decentralized counterparts.


is the act of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another using a cryptocurrency exchange. It allows you to trade your coins for another type of digital asset at a current market price.


DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

is an organization that operates through a set of computer programs called smart contracts, rather than through a centralized authority. Token owners are responsible for governing the DAO and making decisions through democratic voting. This enables a level of organizational decision-making that is not possible in traditional public companies. The DAO uses smart contracts and publicly disclosed code to govern its operations.

DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that allows for peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies using smart contracts, rather than a centralized trading system. It operates on a blockchain network, offers greater privacy and security, but may have lower liquidity and higher fees compared to CEX (Centralized exchanges).

DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake)

is a special consensus algorithm that involves the delegation of authority by a group of people of one node. Stakeholders can delegate their votes, which are determined by the number of coins contributed, to one delegate, who acts as a validator. In this case, the award is divided in proportion to the number of votes cast.

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

is a programmatic ad buying software that allows advertisers and agencies to purchase digital ad inventory. Using the DSP, advertisers manage banner bids and rates for displaying advertising messages to the target audience across many networks on one interface. As with contextual advertising, the KPI-based system helps optimize metrics such as effective Cost per Click (eCPC) and effective Cost per Action (eCPA).



is a technical standard for creating and implementing digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an abbreviation for "Ethereum Request for Comments," with the number 20 being a unique identifier that sets it apart from other standards. ERC20 tokens are created, distributed, and used on the Ethereum network, similar to how bitcoin operates, and are implemented using a smart contract that records token movements within the network. The ERC20 standard ensures compatibility between different applications and allows a variety of assets to be represented as tokens, following specific rules and guidelines for transfer and balance retrieval on the Ethereum network.

ESC (Enterprise Service Chain)

is a blockchain based software tool facilitating high volumes of simple transactions that, in most cases, send tokens between accounts as in other crypto currencies. The name is derived from the concept of the Enterprise Service Bus in which a crypto currency is used as the protocol of communication.



is an ad space and ad placements that are available for advertisers to purchase from publishers. This includes ad space on websites, metaverses, mobile apps, video platforms, and other digital channels. Advertisers buy inventory to show their ads to the publisher's audience, and the term "inventory" is used because the available ad space is considered a commodity, similar to physical inventory in a retail store.



is a traffic and inventory provider who allows advertisers to promote their product or service in its space, such as websites, metaverse lands, mobile apps, video platforms, and other digital platforms.